jeep steering column electrical pin-out

Savage Hornpoke
10-08-2002, 05:02 PM
On the Wrangler 1989, on the right of the steering column, on the side under the dashboard, there is a plug. This plug looks like the kind of input/output slot-card you would find in a computer--it has about 9 or more pins and it is straight. Does anyone know what these pins go to and when should there be voltages on them?

Also, there is a multi-pin plug on the left side of the steering column that is red in color, but looks more like a square cluster. I was told by the dealer that this is for the turnsignals--but I could use a pin-out of this plug as well. It has about 7 pins.

Why do I need a pin-out? Because I had the original steering column rebuilt and when they sent it back, both of these plugs have been changed and no longer fit the matching plugs from the original equipment. If I can get a pin out of the '89, then I will have half of the problem solved.

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