hard shift into 2nd on auto trans G20

10-05-2002, 11:27 AM
I bought a 1992 G20 with 132k miles on it. I've read different posts and still don't know which problem it can be. There are different problems and I don't know if they are related. Here are the problems:
1. The car will sometimes not start in PARK, so I have to start in Neutral. NO BIG DEAL.
2. If you hold down hard on the brake and give it gas you hear a thud, and can feel the car move (not roll, but weight shift from the torque). The thud would make me think the motor mounts are gone, but the car is fairly smooth otherwise.
3. The car seems to run OK, and will idle ok, but seems to SOMETIMES be sluggish when giving alot of gas while driving. I don't know if this could be throwing off the computer or not...it will sometimes have a rough idle.
4. The real problem is that the car will shift very hard into second gear 99% of the time. All of the other shifts are real smooth. Every now and then I hit the RPM's just right I guess, and it shifts real smooth. It doesnt seem to matter if I baby it, or romp it, it will still shift hard into second.
5. It makes a whining noise like a vacuum leak while driving, mainly while slowing down.
6. The car has some body damage and I bought it cheap, so I am not going to take it to some high priced shop. It is a cheap run-around car that I just want to milk for a few miles. I've heard people suggest motor mounts, some switch on the gearshift, some switch under or on the gas pedal, and something to do with the filter or torque converter. Does anyone have any idea? I looked for the switch on the floor, but didnt see anything. Any help will be appreciated!

Infinite wisdom
02-10-2003, 06:46 PM
Your tranny shifting problem is very familiar to me. I bought a '93 G20 six years ago (73,000 mi at the time) and had this problem from early on. At first the car hesitated from time to time in looking for 2nd gear; later this grew into a consistently abrupt shift -- sometimes literally slamming into 2nd gear. Of course it drove like a charm whenever I took it back to the dealer.

On a drive three years later, something went very wrong. It felt and sounded like the engine was dropping out of the car on every 2nd gear upshift. It turns out there is a $1.29 spring that dampens the 2nd gear shift and that tends to wear out on many G20s and Altimas. The slamming also broke one or two motor mounts. Set me back several hundred. The tranny was better when replaced, although not as good as it should be. Interestingly, though, the 2nd gear shift has continued to improve ever since, and it now shifts as well as it ever has with 138,000 on the clock. My passengers no longer say, "What is WRONG with your car?"

Coda: Infiniti switched to an electronic transmission in mid-93, probably because of this problem.

03-10-2003, 11:49 PM
There is a TSB on this problem, Infiniti called it a chirping of the tires during 2nd gear shift or something like that. Call up your local Infiniti dealer and they'll be able to tell you what you need.

03-25-2003, 10:01 AM
My 95 has a similar problem, but it sounds like the spring you mention may not be applicable for mine. Woudl the TSB apply for a 95 too?

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