Ignition Issues!!!

02-25-2007, 01:09 PM
I have a 2002 Alero. While driving the vehicle, the Security light came on and then the car died in the middle of the road. After several unsuccessful attempts to start the car, it was towed back to my house. :screwy:

I have read several posts regarding the passlock and I am not sure if that is my problem. The car is off and no lights are on or flashing. When I put the key in the ignition and try to start the car the security light comes on with the service vehicle soon light. When the key is taken out of the igntion, all lights are off. I tried the "relearn" procedure of puting the key in the on position for 10 minutes and then tried to start the car with no success. While the key is in the on position, the security light never shuts off, I even tried waiting 1/2 hour plus. :shakehead

I have read about bypassing the passlock by cutting the yellow wire behind the radio but I would like more information on doing so before attempting this.

A mechanic came by my house and hooked up the computer and said that it gave him "dealership codes" and that the car needed to be taken to the dealership for repairs. We all know how costly that can be and I don't have the funds to do that right now. :2cents:

Does anyone have any knowledge of the passlock issues or igntion module?? Or about a bypass procedure. . or any other additional information would be greatly appreciated! Also, any information related to a recall or a consumer complaint department at GM would be great! I was amazed at how many posts I have read with similiar issues realted to passlock!__________________
Any advice you have will be very much appreciated!:banghead:
Email: cscarmody@comcast.net

02-25-2007, 03:03 PM
Thier is no need for you to post your questions/troubles in more then one catagory :grinno:

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