new system for 07

02-24-2007, 06:41 AM
Heres my latest setup. Its new stuff all tested but hasnt ever been in the back of my car. The amp rack i made myself. Feel free to laugh at it, the amp runs hot so i added fans since kicker didnt.

The system:

Reciever: Pioneer SuperTuner model DEH1800 reciever. I chose it because it doesnt have the knob all the other new pioneers did.

AMP: Kicker ZR600 with sub crossover MDP.

Speakers in cab: factory 97 crown vic premium sound speakers with the built in factory amp. They sound okay. Nice and clear no tinny obnoxious noises wich i hate.

Speakers in trunk: Two 2007 kicker CVR 12's.

Enclosure: Slot ported box with 1.6 cubes per speaker excluding the center port they share. Its tuned roughly to 35 HZ.

Heres what i got in the mail just yesterday. FINALLY! I was beginning to worry they wouldnt come.

Heres how they look in the box. I know the speaker covers are crap, but they are strong and i trust them. I tend to throw shit in the trunk from time to time so i didnt want to have to worry about the subs.

And finally my ghetto amp rack. It looks pathetic but it works so oh well. The amp doesnt ever get hot no matter how hard you work it.

I consider this system average.

02-26-2007, 02:58 AM
love your fans on the amp man. must hit like a crazy mo*fker with the hatch to bounce off of..

02-26-2007, 11:11 AM
plz.. i wish the firebird could hold a box that big. This is actually the system in my crown vic. The firebird has the same amp but holds only a single 12. I posted my C/V system here because we dont have a exterior/interior/appeance section for crown vics on this forum.

Yeah it does kick like a mule for being way back in the trunk. The back seat kills a lot of sound but its always good for a back rub. You know it bumps when you burp.

Im already taking it back out of the car and changing the box. I going to remove the port and partition it right down the middle to turn it into a sealed box. If i still dont like how it sounds i will get some plywood and turn the entire trunk into a sub enclosure. Im not sure what kind of score it would get in a competition as of now, but im guessing it would be comperable to beginner setup. I might enter it into some competition when the next one rolls around just to get it gauged. Im certain it wouldnt win anything other than maybe ghetto amp rack of the year award.

I like the fans because the amp runs cool wich will make it last longer. It used to get so hot i thought it was going to burn up, and now it stays pretty much cool to the touch. In the summer its definatly going to keep the amp from overheating.

02-27-2007, 03:00 AM
ohh. lol, i thought maybe you ripped out your back seats on the bird and stuck the rack there.. i got two 12's in a box in that weird deep well portion of the camaro trunk.. the amp sits below it, i figure the air moving around from the ported box should cool the amp a bit..

i only have 2 generic subs and a 800 watt (max..i forget rms :/) amp..

still hits way to hard for me to turn up.. (and the ghetto subs are breaking down..)

02-27-2007, 11:06 AM
Price dont mean a thing. Ive had some cheap subs sound good. Before i had these kickers i had some sony xplode 12's, and i have to say for a speaker on almost every "dont buy it" list they sounded good. Especially considering they only got 150 RMS each from my amp as they were 4 ohm. These kickers are no louder at 300 RMS each at 2 ohm. Wich seems strange to me but the extra SQ is noticable. Not so much in the front seat as it is with the trunk open standing right up on the speaker. Yesterday I put my ear up next to one of the subs to listen for distortion and being that close to the port blew my hat off my head. If i get my face within a foot from the port it keeps me from pushing air in and out of my face like being on a motorcycle at a high rate of speed. So i would imagine a port would cool a speaker at least ten times better than these little fans do.

All the "dont buy it" lists ive seen around the net are more of a matter of opinion than anything else. I have a feeling most of the people rating them have only owned a couple of the brands they are rating wich makes the opinion they give almost worthless. Just because its made by a lesser known or liked company doesnt mean a thing. I look at amps and subs for what they are on the inside. Almost every high tech name brand company i know is guilty of making complete worthless junk at one point in time.

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