Oil pick-up tube/ screen cleaning or replacement?

02-18-2007, 11:15 PM
I've decided it's about time for me to replace my park avenue's oil pan gasket (it's always had a very slow, seeping leak). A few weeks ago I had posted about my oil pressure reading low (at 40 psi and slightly below at times) I figured that while I have the oil pan removed, I might as well either clean or replace the pick-up tube and/ or screen. I've never done this, but was wondering if anyone has any experience with doing this, or if anyone knows what the best method is to clean the screen? I'm almost positive that it's clogged up with gunk, causing the low pressure reading. The odd thing is the engine only consumes less than half a quart of oil every 3,000 miles, and the oil isn't nearly as dirty as one would think it'd be after 3,000 miles of in-city driving! Although the car has over 157,000 miles on it, I'm avoiding engine gunk additives because I've heard more bad than good about them, mostly hearing that they're really bad for different internal seals. I think a simple oil pan and pick-up tube cleaning will do. Thanks in advanced for the input!

02-19-2007, 12:01 PM

I'm a couple weeks away from changing the oil pan gasket on my 97 so i can't help you out there. I don't think (my best guess) that your low oil pressure has much to do with a clogged or dirty screen/pickup tube, you might be surprised how clean it really is. Once apart if you can soak everything in degreaser, everything should clean up real nice. Kerosene/diesel fuel will work in a pinch, if you want something less toxic, the simple greens/purplepower/orange cleaners will work. I suspect your low oil pressure is just 157,000 miles of wear on bearings. Usually you can tell after an oil change if the pressure kicks up abit, the new oil has more viscosity and is filling the gaps between the bearings alittle better. I've always heard if oil pressure is consant you have nothing to worry about unless its extemely low, or flucuates alot.
If your only using a 1/2 a quart every 3000 miles (and half of that loss might be from your leaky oil pan gasket) I would say you have a strong running engine and your worried about nothing when it comes to the oil pressure. I think you got the right attitude when it comes to oil additives, i have never used them and probably never will....Good luck


02-19-2007, 12:29 PM
Well.. I guess I have an opinion. Unless you always ran synthetic oil your mains are just 157k miles young, not to mention the pump itself. You might try 10w40. Im a believer in runnig a bit of cleaner just before a change. Something that gets the varnish out of the lifters.

Ps.. My car looks like your white one with the gold lower panels on it. Has any of your panels gotten a bit noisy, or loose? Specifically the driver door since it takes the most closings. It makes a rattle noise when up to highway speeed and those clips that hold it are brittle and hard to find laying around. Any sources there?


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