Pacifica HID lights (Xenon) issues

02-15-2007, 08:29 PM
Hi, there. I just got my OEM halogen lights replaced with new set of used HID ones on my 04 Pacifica. They work fine when car is off, but work sometomes when it is on. During the day they work most of time, but as soon as cold morning comes, they will blink upon turning them on and will go off. Or one works and other does not. There is a guy on E-Bay selling a new set right now ( item # 220082507351) and he says that I have to replace my OEM old Integrated Power Module (IPM) with HID-compatible one. Anyone knows how to fix problem without replacing IPM ? I know that I can use ( for parts, but trying to stay away from ordering parts if I do not have to...
Also, anyone heard front end gear grinding on Pacificas AWD? Any fixes? Mine grinds around 50-70 mph, drives me crazy!
Thanks in advance a million!

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