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Caddy fans not working

02-13-2007, 06:18 AM
Hey all, One of my buddies has a 1998 Eldo which has been giving him an overheat problem. We found the fans not coming on and am assuming this is his problem. The real problem is that the fan motors work. The relays have been tested and they work also. Through my Mitchells program it says the sensor for these is the one under the EGR valve, we bypassed it and still nothing. From what I see on the wiring diagram the only other thing it can be is the PCM. Has anyone else experienced this dilema? Hope so as this doesn't look like a cheap fix. One other thing, we weren't able to get the fans to work with the A/C either as the system is low on freon, but I can't believe this would make any difference as far as cooling the engine.

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