HELP! XKR totaled at port of LA or SOLD 2 another?

02-11-2007, 03:38 AM
Hello, help please! Need some advice on what to do!
I've got major XKR drama!

I was to take delivery of a Lunar Grey/Graphite/Premium Sound XKR on Friday (yesterday). We have been tracking its progress for weeks (months). Last friday I get THE call, the car is in the port of LA, has been offloaded from the boat and is parked in a lot waiting to clear customs, will be here in 1-3 days, no later than next Friday (yesterday). Friday I stop by the dealership (South Bay Jaguar L.A.) hoping to see it. Its not there. I get some kind of cryptic talk from the sales manager. Nice guy but I instintually could tell something was up... He says now they don't know where the car is. How is this so?

2 hours later I get the call from my sales rep. He says the car was being offloaded from the boat in a train of 3 XKRs following each other. First car stops on the ramp off the boat suddenly, the two XKRs behind him decide its better to ditch the cars off the ramp (big vertical drop to pavement) than to hit the car in front. Result, frame damage to both XKRs and thus mine does not arrive, its totaled. No clue when a replacement could be found, could be 2-3 months I am told.

I'm not buying it. If I was the guy driving the cars off the boat, I'd rather hit the car in front of me than risk driving off a friggin vertical drop and risk injury to myself. Sounds like a movie stunt, not real life.

So here is the strange part. How come I was told a week ago the computer shows it was offloaded and in the parking lot but now I'm told it wasn't offloaded until 7 days later and it is now damaged. I've seen the port guys, the don't hang about. Time is money and they clear ships quickly.

I'm hoping someone out there can access the Jag inventory system and give me some advice. I have this strange feeling that there was no accident and my car was sold to someone else for a higher price than I had locked in with my dealer once it hit the port. There are not many Coupe Lunar Grey XKRs out there, much less the ONE that was delivered to the port of Long Beach about a week ago with a targeted destination of South Bay Jaguar in L.A. I have this strange feeling that someone else got my car on Friday and the dealership is sharing in an enormous markup over MSRP for redirecting my car to a higher bidder at my expense.

Can someone out there please give me some advice on what I can do, who to call and if there is anyway for someone to look up what happened to that car in the Jag database? I would REALLY appreciate some advice. My private email is I promise to keep full confidentiality to anyone who can provide info or help.



03-03-2007, 10:00 AM
If you have the VIN you should be able to track to see if it was registered somewhere else. Sounds like they got a better offer and sold it to someone else. :grinyes:

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