Rod Bearing Woes

otter ski
02-05-2007, 03:15 PM
I am looking at a '97 Eclipse, but the rod bearings are shot. I would have to get the road bearings replaces, drop the oil pan to get to them, replace a $175 gasket, probably then have to get machine work done to the crankshaft before replacing the rod bearings (tuning & polishing) and all of this would have to be done in a shop as I am not very skilled on car work. I have no idea how much this would cost. The car itself is 1200, still runs, only has 88k on it. To replace the entire engine it would cost $2,900, plus another $1,300 or so in labor. I want THIS car, but which should I do? A ton of engine service? or an engine swap? I am trying to keep service bellow $1,000, so I guess the real question is, does anyone have any idea how much it will cost me to replace the rod bearings and the other common issues that arise as a result of such?

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