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Fuel, it is something to do with fuel, I知 just not sure exactly what

02-04-2007, 04:59 AM
I've lost power, lots of it, and it is a constant back and forth or anything like that just an even loss. I have a noise that sounds like a puff of air or sputter that increases with the throttle. There is also a high pitched squeals that also increases with the RPM's.
I've read through and power loss seems to be a common theme, only I never find out how it was cured if it ever was? My OBDII reads that the cat is bad. but I'm thinking that may be from a bad mix from the fuel filter and that maybe the high pitch noise is from the fuel pump.

The car was running fine and then it just lost power within a minute or two. Funny thing is I read on this forum that someone had changed their oil and a hundred and fifty miles later the same thing happened, no power and I changed my oil about 150 miles before this happened to me as well. although I have no idea how that would create the symptoms I have.

Any ideas? I would just replace the fuel pump but it seems like others have tried that and it didn't work...So are there other ideas out there about what might be wrong?

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