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1994 Ford Probe - Full Car for parts. $600 Or Best Offer.

02-01-2007, 11:55 AM
I would like to appoligize if this is the wrong place to post.
This car was in great condition before a man decided to blow a red light and hit the car.
I'm selling the whole car, for $600 OR Best Offer.The car is sitting and needs to get off my driveway.The engine is still in great condition and hasn't been damaged in the accident.
Also the inside of the car is in mint condition as well. The car only had 75,802 miles on it. For anyone who is interested in repairing it, the rest of the car is in great condition.
Also will throw two sets of tires in. Street tires, and also a set of winter tires. The car is a two door, 4 cyl engine. Also has power windows, power locks, cruise control, tilt, front, rear window wipes, as well as defroster on the front and rear. Back seats also fold down, and the trunk space is huge.
fore more info email me, or call 630-479-4997

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