Xsara HDi Tyre/Wheel trim problems

02-01-2007, 07:31 AM
:banghead: I have a Xsara HDI, which I have owned for the last 3 years. The car is still fitted with Michelin Pilot Primacy 195/55 x 15 tyres. I have had to stick with these original tyres as they appear to be the only ones which have the rim protector moulded in which will allow the fitting of the original wheel trims. If I fit other makes, the wheel trims are thrown off by the moulded rim protector. I tried tying them on with cable ties, but the spun around, pushing the valve over dangerously.
Has anyone else experienced this problem? and does anyone know of any manufacturers who do not mould in a rim protector on this size of tyre, or a tyre with the rim protector which allows the wheel trim to be fitted without this problem?

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