xj8 performance parts?

01-31-2007, 08:56 AM
Would anyone here be able to direct me towards XJ8 performance parts?

Just a website listing would do...

My friend recently purchased a 99 XJ8 4.0L(supercharged) and is wanting to mod whatever he can...

supercharger pulley (if any), remove stock intake tubing(replace with metal piping, j/u bends hopefully), and possibly fab a cat-back exhaust

the exhaust would probly be the easy one(universal high-flow cat as well a fitting muffler that'll fit where stock resides), as for an intake... aftermarket companys also sell intake accessories to make your own but that just seems like a last resort getting it all completed(such a task to match)... supercharger pulley is a must :naughty: if possible

this is only the start of mods, Eventually maybe ported&polished throttle body & upper intake, as well exhaust manifolds

I've searched for about 2hrs or so and havent found a single 'upgrade'

I know its a XJ8, but its a fun task to see what we can do :)

01-31-2007, 08:57 PM
only site I seem to have found is jaguarxp.com .. from there, Ive found a pulley, an overpriced intake, and a exhaust ive never heard of... in a performance package for about $1000 they estimate 53HP gain, that must be a sick exhaust =p

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