07 Accord SE V6 Temp/Compass Mirror

01-30-2007, 01:16 AM
My wife recently purchase an 07 Accord SE V6, which turns out to be a pretty nice car. The one thing she would really like that is not on the car is the upgraded mirror with the temperture. The deal on the car was pretty much take the car as is and we have a deal, so she took it as it was.

I know there are certain things on a car that come prewired and was wanting to know if anyone knows about the mirror for the accord.

If the wire was already there, i would like to buy the upgraded mirror and swap the two out. This would make the wife very, very happy. I've searched Ebay and there are several "universal" mirrors out there that have this feature and I guess come with the sensor for the outside temp reading.

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.


01-30-2007, 07:46 AM

The option from the dealer has the outside temp gauge in the dash and the mirror has the compass and automatic dimming. If you look at the website below, it has instructions for both.


I've installed the outside temp gauge and it was very easy......hope this helps, Glen

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