09-28-2002, 09:33 AM
Alright guys, I will be moving to a new server. I will attempt to upload the site as soon as possible. Of course, this also means some downtime will be experienced.

I also will be designing a new site after it hits the server. I have said i was going to forever, and now I finally will. This also means that I will probably add around 50 pictures. I used to just put every picture i see of the Zonda on my site.

Now that the Zonda's getting so much more known, this will not be possible. I will still search for excellent pictures, but the lower quality pictures you see in the gallery will be out. Due to the costs of adding videos, I'm sorry to say that videos will not be added. Unless I get some donation out of nowhere or I find someone that will gladly host these videos, they can't be up.


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