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Team Cadillac to Field Two Champions in 2007 - Backstretch Motorsports

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01-25-2007, 07:10 PM
Backstretch Motorsports ( d%3D9342%26Itemid%3D81&cid=0&ei=7FS5RdtQjMwcx935xwc)Team Cadillac to Field Two Champions in 2007 ( d%3D9342%26Itemid%3D81&cid=0&ei=7FS5RdtQjMwcx935xwc)
Backstretch Motorsports,*NC*- 15 minutes ago
25, 2007) - Team Cadillac will have two champions on its roster in its pursuit of the 2007 SCCA SPEED World Challenge manufacturers championship. ...

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