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still air in clutch line?

01-24-2007, 03:12 PM
hi. 1990 Mazda B2600i, 4wd 5spd. I installed a clutch kit in my truck. replaced slave cylinder.

bled system per 2 man. pump 4-5 times, hold pedal down, crack bleeder, close bleeder, release pedal, repeat...

didn't see any air bubbles before or after about 10-12 bleeds. pedal would tighten, but still didnt feel like normal clutch pedal pressure.

when engine running, hard to put into any gear. have to pump the clutch pedal to enter gear. goes into gear easily when engine off.

is there a "trick" to get all the air out of the system. i dont think that i have a master cylinder problem. no problem before.

also should i be able to easily, push the slave cylinder plunger/rod back into the housing by hand, after bleeding?

thanks for any replies.

01-25-2007, 12:02 AM

received this on another site:

How does the clutch feel? Is it soft and sluggish all the way through or does it feel soft to a point and then normally stiff? Maybe it feels good all the way through?

Couple of things to check...

If it feels soft all the way through, there is a good chance you still have some air built up.

If it feels soft to a point then feels like its releasing then you need to adjust the pushrod going into your master cylinder. Its a good idea anyway after you rebuild or replace them. This rod controls how much movement is generated from the pedal thrust. If you are too far in then you will slip the clutch, if you are too far out then you will only partially disengage the clutch and you will not be able to pull it in gear. (i believe this is your problem)

Best way to checkout whats going on is to get a buddy to help you. Make sure your e-brake is on and the wheels are chocked!!! Then have him crawl up underneath and see how much your slave cylinder is throwing. (its pretty easy to see). If its not throwing all the way adjust your pushrod.

Let me know if you have any more problems.

received this reply from Orangerims. I adjusted the rod going into the MC. goes into gear easily. clutch engages and disengages smoothly. thought i'd pass this on.

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