94-98 galant parts for sale

01-21-2007, 08:15 AM
I posted this over in GF's but i'd figure to give you guys over here a try and see if you needed anything before it was gone. heres the full list of everything i have obtained over the week and will be getting rid of. All prices can be negotiated and shipping is all on the buyer PM for more info if you are confused.
2 Boost mobile I835 phones both in excellent condition(practically new) $75 each.
Used Laptop(Compaq Presario 800mhz,198megs of ram, great for tuners$175
7G cubby and cupholders $15
Master Power Window Switch $20
Sunroof (the whole thing tray and all with the controls) $150
Foglights $50
tails $40 pair
Power Steering Pumps $25
Hub assembly $45 Sold
Folding rear seat $50 Sold
Little trunk cover thingy(plastic not carboard) $35 Sold
Dashboard $150 (cost me $75 bux to ship)
Middle Console $25
Glovebox $20
Door switches $20
A/C compressor $35
Fuse Box
THrottle body
ENgine $200
5spd tranny $450
Stock Intake
Fuel PUmp Sold
Fuel Injectors
window chrome trim $50
gas cap (black) $15
sunroof visor $30 Sold
HID's $150 Sold
Spare Valve Cover $30
Blower Motor
Cruise control Servo
Heater core
5spd starter(new) $50
All engine Mounts $80
5spd mounts
power window motors with the track regulators complete.
wiring harness(viehicle intact.
Coolant resevoir $20
5spd short shifter $20
A/T $100
2 energy suspension rear control are bushings $50
Windows $5 a piece
Strut Mounts
Stock GR2's- Sold
Power windows and door lock harnesses(for those with no power acc)
passenger side 7G clear cornered headlight. $20
Pair of cleared side bumper lights $20
Stock AM Fm cassettes radio $10
A/C lines $20
Radiator (2wks old) Sold
Stock front and rear speakers $25 (in excellent condition)
Shifter Multilock(AT and MT shifter lock with keys.
Used 8G egr rear sunvisor(best offer over $40 gets it).
7G distributor
4G64 SOHC head(in excellent condition)
94-95 stock altenator (90 amps) $30
Stock Air intake $10
Radiator Fan $25
Stock driver and passenger front sunvisors
Oh shit handles 3per set $9
Mitsubishi and Galant Trunklid letters/decals $10
Factory Service Manual and all stuff that comes with it(in excellent to new condition) $40
door panels
Shifter Bezel
(2) Radio Bezels $15
Pair 7G cleared cornered lights
foglight covers 7G
Stock Muffler
Used Eibach Pro Springs (maybe 60k on em)$145 neg
Front Seats (both of em) $50 Great condition!
Cardboard Trunk Mat $8

more to come...........
Any questions just drop a line and i'll get back to you.
All pics are furnished upon request

email me at albertbronx@yahoo.com

01-22-2007, 02:21 AM
How much for the sun visor clip.... the thing that the visor clips to, to keep it in position.

01-22-2007, 03:50 AM
How much for the sun visor clip.... the thing that the visor clips to, to keep it in position.

lets just say 1 dollar.

12-01-2018, 06:47 AM
Do you still have this stuff? My husband has fixxed up the one we have but it may need more stuff any time

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