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when car started runs like it is not running on all 4 cylinders

01-19-2007, 10:31 AM
help someone car was running fine and now all of a sudden feels like it is not running on all 4 cylinders is this a common problem.

01-19-2007, 11:43 AM
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There are various reasons why your car may not be running properly. First, you could have a bad coil that is not firing one or two cylinders. Next you could have a restricted fuel supply that is limiting your horsepower. Another reason could be bad plugs. I don't know what your expertise is in auto repair but if you don't want to tackle it yourself take it to a mechanic to have it checked out. Stay away from dealerships due to high labor rate and parts costs.

01-20-2007, 09:43 AM
Thank you GTP Dad,
Well we changed the spark plugs and it still runs the same way. We also smell something burning my hubby thinks it may be the coil burning up? I dunno I can work on old cars but not new ones. this is a nice website also. Question when you take your vehicle in to have them plug it in were is it that they plug it in to diagnose it I have a plug in on the inside of the vehicle under the steering wheel is there any other spots maybe under the hood we have a friend of my dads that has one of them and they are comming over today to plug this thing in I am just curious to know where it goes they probably already know.

01-20-2007, 01:43 PM
this is kind of a pain to do on the quad-4 because of the integrated coil housing.. But I would start by making sure all the plugs are firing. Remove them, ground them, and look closely for spark as the engine is cranked.


I can find you a procedure for this, since its kind of tricky to do on this particular engine

If that checks out, I would check fuel pressure, listen to each injector for the click-click indicating operation.

How many miles? What year is this?

01-20-2007, 07:14 PM
The plug you want is under the dash. If it is older than 1995 the scanner he has won't work. If it doesn't then let me know. The coils and the connector under the center housing are probably the issue here. The coils aren't hard to change and I suspect that this is your problem.

01-21-2007, 07:15 PM
Hi guys,
Well we replaced the coil pack one was bad and one was good. The car still runs like it is not firing on all four it will probably be the timing chain or the exhaust we have had alot of suggestions thus far from just us alone.Here is what happened my husband went to the store the other night let the car run to warm up and shut it off. Started it back up and that is the way it ran after he restarted it he said it barely had any power to pull itself back home. the car still runs and drives but he is afraid I will burn the clutch up if I drive it this way. This car caddyman is a 92 olds Achieva S 2.3 motor quad ohc.

01-21-2007, 10:24 PM
I would have replaced both coils.
Just my :2cents:

01-23-2007, 07:05 AM
The car is fixed we replaced the coil pack housing unit that was the problem it runs like a dream now. hubby tested the housing unit and two of them were bad. thank you all :rolleyes:

01-31-2007, 11:40 AM
In the morning when I start my car the volt gauge has been dropping below 13 and then when i hit the gas it goes back up. Is this a problem within the alternator like the regulator and when do I need to change this. usually i would think asap but seems to still be charging.

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