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87 RX7 rims???

01-15-2007, 02:44 PM
i was wonderin if anybody has painted the stock FC rims da 14" ones with da circles...if so can u post picz thinkin about paintin mine black....

01-24-2007, 09:25 AM
Well i did a little research myself since i got no replies.... this is wut they look like and i like them... (

01-27-2007, 11:36 AM
just make sure you dont just spraypaint them. take them off the car and clean them, sand them down (if you need to) and spray a couple coats of primer on them and spray your color evenly.

be sure to get flat black because gloss black looks like shit.

for the record, I'm not really feeling the black phone dials.

01-27-2007, 02:21 PM
yea das wut i was planning on doing....ey any colors u recommend me on painting them so they would look decent my car is silver blueish and rims came painted jus like da car when i bout dem....

01-28-2007, 07:43 PM
i'd say a dark gold or bronze

you got your work cut out for you cause you gotta remove the paint thats on the wheels now

01-28-2007, 09:41 PM
ye im liking those colors too i was also thinkin a gunmetal color...

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