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will not run

01-12-2007, 12:50 AM
Hello, tonight i pulled my car in the garage to put in my new neons and i installed them well got all done and there are no messed up wires (i used the power off the cigg lighter) so there shouldnt be any problems there.... i even pulled it back apart and pulled the wires off and wont run ...anyways i fulled the fuse cover and discovered a blow "engine" fuse so i replaced it and the relay engaged so i was like cool i fixed it then i turned the key to start and pop it blew the fuse but it will not pop with key on engine off so i tried about 7 fuses al blew after busting the center of the steering wheel cover and kicking the fender out of anger at the pos that wont run but still has working neons and a sound system ....ARG!!!!!!!!!!! i am now calmly sitting here typing hoping beayond hope somebody can help me

P.S. 5 days ago i installed a BRAND NEW $300 racing clutch... ARG shoulda bought myself a moped....

01-13-2007, 03:45 AM
Check to see if you damaged any part of the wiring harness when you replaced the clutch. Look for pinched wires.
Make an enlarged copy of the wiring diagram for you car and highlight all the wiring that comes after the fuse that is blowing.

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