'94 740 IL Radio Wire Harness Blocks which wire is what ? HELP

01-12-2007, 12:15 AM
I decided to not mess with the CODE on this radio and just get an aftermarket Kenwood..

Situation is that I dont want to spend $30.00 bucks for a Harness Kit and then another $12.00 for an Antenna Adapter so I decided to figure out which wire is which.. the one inside the dash radio plug has multiple colored wires of which i dont know what is what since I dont have a Repair Manual.

Well I managed to take a digital pic of both the block inside the dash and also one of the block behind the radio.. (Hence I butchered the radio rear to remove this piece)

My questions is if anyone knows a link to the wire schematic and the colored wires. :banghead: I'm not cheap to have to buy a repair service manual ; its just simply that I am unemployed and can't afford one at $75.00 on ebay

Here are the pics that I photoshopped to display the numerals on both wire blocks the one behind the stock factory radio and the one attached to the harness inside the Dash.

Inside Dash Radio Wire Harness Block


Rear of Radio Wire Block


08-31-2007, 06:49 PM
Do you still need the wires listed. I just saw this post and have the info if you need it.

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