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usa tvr

01-08-2007, 01:52 PM
wat was the last yr for tvr wen it was being brought into the usa?
i'm 19 and i still play vid games, tvr, is awsome, the handling is amazing. but i just wish they would come back to the usa, they would get tons of sales, i mean, i want something other than the damn vette, and the viper just became great 600hp at 90g, take that ferrari and lambo.
aston martin is still imported and sees decent sales, is tvr was bought by some other company, at this point a japanesse company, god knows american companies are going to shit. japanesse companies could bring them in, sadly tho, there goes all the tech greatness.
i love on the newer tvr's that there's no door handle just a botton under the mirror. and for a company that has no plans of coming the america, there are a lot of articles in mags that talk about them.
and also is it true that they moved out of blackpool, or went out of buisness?

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