200 turbo abs not working!!!

01-04-2007, 03:11 PM
hey guys hope u can help i have a rover 200 turbo coupe 94 basically how do i get the fault code for the abs?? ive looked under both seats and the dash!! am i being blind??? the abs just doesnt work atal and the previos owner has cut the bulb out and wired another 1 in so it looks like it works grrrrr please help thankyou ..

01-05-2007, 12:28 PM
The plug is under the driver seat.

Its a white plastic multiplug connected to black, yellow/black, yellow/green, and purple/black wires. It's pushed onto a socket connected to two black wires, that connect to the black and yellow/black wires on the other side.

You'll need to connect up the original abs light set up, rather than the bodge 'repair' that has been done as you need the abs light to read the codes.

Here is how to read the code to find the error and how to reset the mems:

check that there are 4 wires coming from the plug and that the colours are as follows--

You will need a small piece of wire (2-3 inches is fine), ensure the ignition is switched off and remove the bridge connector
(basically another connector that connects to the one you will be using) you then need to take your small piece of wire and
connect one end to the yellow and green wire in the conector, then connect the other end of the wire to the black wire in the
You should now have a wire which is connecting the yellow/green wire to the black wire in the same connector effectively shorting
the 2 wires.
Check that this is correct before switching on the ignition, the ABS warning light should now start doing its thing!
It will flash code 1-2 x three times, this will take the form of
1 flash ----a 1 second gap-----2 flashes
1 flash ----a 1 second gap-----2 flashes
1 flash ----a 1 second gap-----2 flashes

These first flashes are the systems start identification, if the lights dont flash like this first then recheck the connection on the
connector you have bridged.
After the system has carried out the start identification flashes there will be a 3 second pause before it gives you the fault codes,
these will be displayed in the same way.
For example if the fault is with the return pump then the fault code would be 3-5, this would be displayed like this

3 flashes of the ABS light------1 second gap-------5 flashes of the ABS light,
3 flashes of the ABS light------1 second gap-------5 flashes of the ABS light,
3 flashes of the ABS light------1 second gap-------5 flashes of the ABS light,

Then the sequence will start again, if you have another fault however the system will then go on to flash another code as
the system can store 3 fault codes in its memory, once the fault codes have been displayed the system will start again, always
wait after you have received the codes for the 1-2 identification code to confirm that there are no more fault codes to display.

Once you have fixed the problem that the fault codes reffered to you need to clear the codes from the system memory ( this isnt
necesary but if not done the same codes will continue to show at a later date )
To clear the codes turn off the ignition and refit the bridging connector that you removed earlier.
Then turn the ignition on and wait for the ABS warning light to extinguish (about 2 seconds)
When warning light extinguishes turn the ignition off.
This must be done 20 times (yes 20 times) to clear the ABS memory.

In my experience after clearing the codes it is a good idea to check car fuses as i have seen a few blown due to the process
of switching the ignition on and off repeatedly.

The abs fault codes are as follows:


Start identification

Front left wheel solenoid valve

Front right wheel

Rear wheels solenoid valve

Relays or relay power supply

Pulser ring

Return pump

Brake light switch

Front left wheel speed sensor signal

Front left sensor continuity

Front right wheel speed sensor


Front right sensor continuity

Rear left wheel speed sensor signal

Rear left sensor continuity

Rear right wheel speed sensor


Rear right sensor continuity

Battery voltage too low

Electronic control unit

Interruption of fault codes

Hope that helps you.

01-05-2007, 12:33 PM
It's probably one of the speed sensors on the wheels, they are very common faults. Expensive new, something like 70 each, but there are a couple of people breaking turbos on the Rover Coupe Owners Club right now so I'd suggest find the fault code and check out the club web forum. I'm on a warning for advertising the club in my signature despite the number of members here with Rover's I've helped out, so either PM me or do a google search for the web address.

01-07-2007, 12:59 PM
thanx alot pete il give this a try as soon as i can

01-10-2007, 08:34 AM
ive connected it up and its reading code 4 6 is that deffinetly rear right sensor yeh?? ive cleaned it up and still the same ive been offered a rear right sensor for free but its from a rover 800 s reg any ideas if that will fit?? if not you said there are a couple being broken at the mo do you have a phone number atall?? thanks j

02-18-2007, 11:57 AM

My situation is bit different here and not sure what is the solution.
I have applied Pete's tips on my 220 Turbo (94) for fault code reading and I have ended up with #47 which is "Rear right sensor continuity".(Have checked and counted the flashing sequense at least two full rounds to ensure correctness) Now what is this mean and how to fix I am not quite sure. Do I have to change the sensor or is there any way around this? Any suggestion will be very much appreciated!


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