Riding with kids in a 944 cabriolet

12-31-2006, 01:35 PM
Just wondering if anyone has any real world experience of fitting a baby/small children safely into the backseats on a 944 cabriolet.

I owned a 1985.5 944 for eight years before finally selling it. I am now interested in a cabriolet and my wife is pregnant. This 944 would be our third or fourth car so I wouldn't need to put children in the back seat often, possibly ever but was just curious if a baby seat/child seat will actually fit into those tiny rear seats in a cabriolet.

The seats seem so small that it might hold a 4-8 year old back there with just regular seat belts. If anyone has any experience with any age kids back there, I would love to hear. thanks.

Richard C
02-08-2007, 12:11 PM
The rear seats in a 944 cabriolet only have lap belts so you should take that into consideration. However, Porsche made a child seat specifically for the rear of the 944/968s. Like most things Porsche, it was expensive. I have seen used ones for sale online every so often for $200+. The seat was for a toddler and not an infant. I don't see how one could realistically install a rear facing infant seat securely in the rear of a 944/968. If the car did not have airbags then I guess you could fit one into the front passenger seat.

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