Kia Rio 2001 won't start!

12-29-2006, 04:06 PM
Hello everyone,

I have very little mechanical knowledge so please bear with me.

I have a Kia Rio 2001, standard transmission.

About a three of weeks ago, when I start the car, the idle will jump up to 2000 or more rpms. Not only until I rev it up a couple of times will it go down to the normal 750 -800 RPMS. The funny thing is that the problem went away, completely. Instead of the car starting at such high rpms, the opposite became true. I start the car once and it dies. I start the car a second time and it works fine.

When it comes to driving after it has started, the car works well...

I didn't think much of it since I really have no direct access to a mechanic (I'm on a medical travel study), and I deemed the problem fixed since it worked fine for a week or two until yesterday. All was well until the car just stalls. There were no clanks, no pops or booms, just stopped.

Now I am unable to get the car going. I am able to "Start" the car, but the engine does not turn-over.

Of course, fuel and battery are not factors. What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance for all of your insight.

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