85 Tempo GL - Misc Electrical Problems

12-26-2006, 12:51 PM
I have an 85 tempo GL, I have three problems that I am trying to fix.

1. The rear defroster does not work. If you turn the switch on the dash, the light comes on saying it works, and the fuse is good, but the rear window never defrosts. Any suggestions?

2. The dash does not illuminate so I can't see my guages when driving at night. The indicators for the turn signals and brights still work, just no illumination lights.

3. The a/c controller only works on defrost mode regardless of what setting you have it on. If you put it on floor, it still blows out the defroster vent.

Thanks for any help.

Chris Briggs

12-26-2006, 01:18 PM
1) I believe there's a relay for that, possibly behind the glovebox. Otherwise, visually check the heat tape on the glass for breaks, or could even be a wiring problem.

2) Probably the rheostat. It's part of the headlight switch, not really hard to change.

3) Check the vacuum lines; the one going to the dash may be broken. Also, could be the actuator that actually controls the vent, or the climate control panel in the dash. Perhaps a cable, not sure about the first-gen ('84-'87) cars.
I'd give the vacuum lines a good inspection first.

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