Just got a 95' Park Ave. Have a few questions.

12-17-2006, 02:16 AM
Hey everyone,

I just purchaced a 1995 Park Avenue (Base), Dynaride, ABS, 3800 Series II, 107,000 miles, $1900.

I love the car... I'm used to my parents 97' Crown Victoria and my old Honda Accord, but this is the best of both worlds; power, versatility, front wheel drive, and comfort.

I'm planning on doing a few modifications to this car. I'm putting 18" Dodge-Charger (2006) rims on it with some low-profile rubber, putting a dual-exhaust muffler in-place of the stock one, and plan on putting the 2000-series port-holes on the front fenders.

That's about it other than a Sony head-unit. Otherwise the car will remain stock.

My questions are based around maintanance.

I'm handing the car off to the dealer next week to do a transmission flush, transmission filter-change, and pan-gasket change, along with installing a new Serpentine belt because the darn motor-mount is in the way and I'd rather not mess anything up changing it myself.

Is there anything else I should look to have serviced? The air-ride seems fine, the shocks are all in great condition. It has new discs and pads in the front, and the CV's look brand new.

I plan on putting in a new air-filter and doing an oil-change because it's almost due for that as well.

I just don't know if there is anything really pressing that I should have looked at while the dealer has the car. From what I've heard the only weak-point on the car is their transmissions.

There is one thing wrong with the car, aparantly the ABS solenoids went bad and they cost a lot to replace, so the previous owner simply did the old "electrical-tape over the idiot-light" solution. Is there a cheap way to replace these? Where are they located? How hard would it be to remove the top-part of the dashboard to simply remove the ABS light-bulb?

Thanks for the help.

Happy riding.


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