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Wildberger Named SCCA Pro Racing President - Backstretch Motorsports

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12-15-2006, 03:50 PM
Backstretch Motorsports ( d%3D9082%26Itemid%3D39&cid=1112031864&ei=jBiDRaemAa_qaOyOiYMO)Wildberger Named SCCA Pro Racing President ( d%3D9082%26Itemid%3D39&cid=1112031864&ei=jBiDRaemAa_qaOyOiYMO)
Backstretch Motorsports,*NC*- 2 hours ago
... Wildberger developed programs in many top racing series, including SCCA Pro Racing (World Challenge), SCORE, IMSA, NHRA and led the launch of Dodge?s NASCAR ...

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