Help Me Pleeeeez!! My Baby's Broken!

12-15-2006, 03:33 AM
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Hi guys,

I have a real problem with my 97 Legnum 1.8l ST GDI. The dam thing wont turn over. A friend and I were on the road when the engine started squeeling so I pulled into a mall parking lot and it just died. When it wouldn't start again I assumed the cam belt had gone on it but when I took it to the garage, they said that other than the fact the timing was out, the belt was fine. I asked them to change it anyway and when they tried to start it, it still wouldnt turn over. We had to use engine start to get it going. Before this incident I was having some slight probs too. On a cold day (Or whenever the air temp was quite low like at night) and the revs went above 3000rpm it would start kicking. Regardless of what gear the car was in. I have taken it to the Auto Electricians and they have told me that the fuel system on it is not entirely electronic and that there is a pump at the back of the motor that is known to fail on Legnums of this year. I would like to know if anyone out there has had this same problem and if so, is the auto electrician right and if so, am I gonna be in for a nasty bill to repair it?

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