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99-05 Grand am Headlamp Removal/Replacement

12-11-2006, 01:24 PM
This has came up the past few weeks, either replacing bulbs or the headlamp housing(s).

Thought I'd bring it all together in one. :thumbsup:

First remove the push pins located above the corresponding side that needs the bulb replaced or the housings.
A Panel tool or a straight slot screwdriver will work for this.

Here's a pic of this. Push Pins (

After they are removed, Lift the corner near the fender and pull the Cover out from under the fender.
Lift up the cover.
It Will look Like this Cover Removed (

Next locate the metal tabs in the pic above(The red arrows).
Push them back and lift/pull up. (caution they are sharp)
The inside Tab will come all the way out.
The Outside Tab will only lift up and does not come out.
See Pic Here Head light Tab (

Then pull the headlamp straight forward.
**Note the position of the three posts that line up with the headlamp support beam.(white arrows).
Try not to move them it'll make install easier.:grinyes:
Here is a pic of the lamp removed.
Back Side (

When replacing the Head light bulb, First remove the blue plug(blu arrow).
Then twist the black ring(yello arrow) counter clockwise to loosen .
Remove ring, paying attention to which way the bulb goes in(the blue wire connector latch should point up).

To install stick in the bulb, attach the ring(be carefull with the black retainer rings as they are usually brittle and tend to break off tabs that hold the bulb in place).
Plug wire connector(s) back in.
**The retainer rings are a dealer part, # 16524656 and run about $15.

Also dont touch the bulbs at all.
If you do clean it lightly with rubbing alcohol and let dry before installing.

Also the green circles are your turn signal bulbs. They twist CCW to remove.

When replacing the headlamp housing,
you will need to lift up on the out side tab so it will catch properly.

After its installed, make sure it is secured at all three tabs,
or the headlamp could shake/vibrate causing premature bulb failures.
And your head lamp aim will be way off if they arent connected on all three posts.

Heres another pic of the headlamp housing ( in a different position.

If you have further questions PM me or post it.

Hope this Helps !

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