Leaking/Stopped Drains in Moonroof??

12-03-2006, 08:54 PM
I've been having water intrusion coming down the c-pillar in the right rear of my '97 from the back half of the headliner, more on the right than on the left, resulting in a standing pool of water in the right rear footwell. Some informed individual let me know that there are drains for the moonroof running in that direction and figured they were plugged up. However, I can't find drainholes on the rear of the moonroof, since that section is very inaccessible. I do see drains on the front, however. Does anyone know whether there are rear drains as well as front drains? And how do I get to those drains, if they exist?

Also, the person who told me about the drains suggested they were plugged, but since the water seemed to be coming from a relatively specific spot on the headliner, I assumed there was an actual hole in the line. But, when I looked at the construction/location of the front drains and looked at the moonroof from the top down into the car, I noted that the headliner actually has a large lip that exposes its interior and I suppose that if a line was clogged, it would back up into the channel that runs around the moonroof and then eventually overflow that, running along the underside of the metal and then dropping at some point down onto the headliner, which would create the same effect as a line leaking at a specific point, right??? (I park on a steep driveway that banks down on the right and, coincidentally, (or not) that portion of the headliner that is most affected is the portion that is slanted downhill the most.)

Any of this make sense?

Thanks in advance!


03-06-2007, 03:28 PM
Had the same problem...
Take off the rear facia(don't know what else to call it) When you're facing the rear window in the rear seat it will be the piece to your right and left of the rear window- remove that and you'll see a plastic tube runing down to the wheel well.. Blow it out with an air hose..

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