For $300, I'll have another

12-02-2006, 04:54 PM
1st Celeb I bought, 87 4-cylinder sedan, blue on blue, purchased on eBay for $132.50. Drove it with no brakes and a smashed windshield and front end damage, from Evansville Indiana, to Dallas Texas. It sat for a long time before I got around to driving it regularly, and then I got another Celebrity, cannibalized this one for parts, and let the city haul it off.

2nd Celeb was a 89 V6 sedan, white on red, purchased from a local used car lot as a repo, for $400. It had its share of issues, mostly related to computer wiring. The selling dealer couldn't give me a title after 9 months, so I made them buy it back. Too bad, because by then it was running well.

3rd Celeb is my current one, picking it up tonight or tomorrow, 89 4-cylinder sedan, white on blue, everything's supposed to work but the AC. I can't wait. For $300 if it lasts a month I'm way ahead of a $300 a month car payment, plus no reason to get full coverage insurance. The car also has a new battery, 1 yr old radiator, and 1yr old new cylinder head and head gasket. No fabric on the headliner but the cardboard is still there. I'm excited about it.

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