97' Cavalier Help plz!

11-21-2006, 04:16 PM
I have a 97' cavalier! Recently it has been sounding as its running loud. And the gas pedal felt like it was vibrating. Well today I came to a stop sign, when I gave it some gas it acted up! It was the on/off reving sound! I was going barely anywhere! Pedal pressed and getting no acceleration! Just the consistent on/off reving! The engine light also insantly came on! Thankfully I was only a couple blocks from home. When I turned the corner to head home after a block of coasting, it sort of kicked back in! Not like it should be but I was able to accelerate again. I pulled in drive and shut it off! I noticed a burning like smell from the engine! Fluids are all fine! Can someone plz help me. Thank you!

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