hard to start

11-17-2006, 07:58 PM
I have a 97 z-22 just turned 300,00 KM original motor and clutch replace at 275,000 km.

Hard time starting after sitting more than an hour. cranks over but seems like no spark? I hear the fuel pump come on when I turn the key. I was told to check to see if fuel was present by turning the key on and off 3 or 4 times this would allow pump to prime 3 or 4 time. When I did that the same thinkg happened except when it started it acted like it was flooded. sputting and spitting wiht strong smell of gas and dark smoke out the tail pipe.

I was wondering if there is a sensor that controls spark to spark plugs before they fire.? New plugs, new fuel filter install last year. just started dong it last year. will start every time just takes 15 or 20 seconds of cranking. then starts fine and runs smooth.

Has always started within a few seconds of turning the key before. but in the last year is takes longer


11-26-2006, 05:36 PM
there is a sensor below your ignition coils on the back of the engin that may be faulty but then again the coils could be faulty but not likely. It sounds as if it is getting gas so it may be that you plug wires are not connected to the coils or the plugs well or they may be coroded. if the plug wires are fine then it may be carbon buildup on your plugs causeing them not to fire iinside the engine but rather just ground out somewhere else.

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