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2.5L V6 (6G73) and 3.0L V6 (6G72) comparison question

11-17-2006, 10:23 AM
OK, just one final note, ive created some custom charge pipes to see which would fit better than the other, but dont have access to a good enough welder and pipe bender to create custom turbo manifolds and downpipe for the 6G73. (Nor do i have a huge wallet and large amounts of spare time!)

So, i figured id give ebay another look, since 3rd-party vendors that have good rep. dont have what im lookin' for. I found these two types that interested me, and was wondering if some people could clarify my instinctive decision here.

The 6G73 VR4/Stealth RT have some great looking turbo manifolds and even downpipes running anywhere from 200 - 500, and they seem to look like they would fit the 2.5L V6 6G73 exhaust ports.

Now, Ive heard in the past that headers from the 6G72 (3.0L) will fit up to the same year of a 6G73 (2.5L) engine. If this is true, then turbo manifolds of the same year as my 97 Avenger would bolt up to the exhaust ports fine, but may require some modifications as far as downpipes and exhaust piping under the car is concerned.

Does anyone else seem confident that these would just bolt-up to the exhaust portion at least (ignore downpipe setup for now, I can probably acquire a custom-made one)? Or has anyone used turbo manifolds from a 3000GT/Stealth on an Avenger?

Looking to run around 7-10psi on stock internals. Ive got forged pistons and looking to get forged connecting rods here in the next month. Rings and such will be on their way about the same time.

Next up after minor internal work, comes intercooler setup!

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