Car starts...then stops..engine knocks..timing belt maybe?

11-13-2006, 02:29 AM
im a girl and i dont know that much about cars, but i did talk to a few people about this.

i have a 96 cavalier with a 2.2L 4 cylinder engine with about 83k miles on it. I bought it in august with about 77k miles and it ran okay, but like there was a putting sound, but i was told it was not a big deal because all chevys have that.
i got my oil changed soon after i bought it to try to remove the putting, and it went down a little bit but my oil seemed to deplete very easily. like i had to put a quart in it every week religiously. and when i would stop at a red light or stop sign, the genie lamp would come on, which i was told that was the oil pressure light and that meant i needed a new oil pump. i didnt have the money for it so i didnt worry about it, i just changed the oil often.
nothin else seemed wrong until today when i was driving on the highway and i stupidly drove 110 tryin to rush to get to practice and then i let off of the gas and put the brake on...when i put my foot on the gas, the car suddenly felt like it had no power...and it was making a loud knocking noise.
i pulled over and went to turn around and the car just died...the battery light went on. i turned the car off and turned it back on and it started and then when i went to put on the gas, it died did this a few times until i finally got it started but it was still making the same i pulled over again and tryed to put the car in reverse and it died again...i got it moving again and called a tow and they moved it.
i asked a few people and they said it could be a head gasket, a fuel pump, a timing belt, or even the oil pump that i orignally thought it was. does anyone have any other ideas or could anyone narrow it down to what it mite be?
sorry this is so long, but i figured it would be easier to tell what it the problem is if i gave detail. thanks so much!!!

11-13-2006, 03:05 AM
Sorry, but none of the things your friends mentioned fit into your description, especially sound part of it. Looks like you have a serious mechanical problem. I donít think I can troubleshoot it over the Internet. It could be as bad as loosening rod bolt. Bring the car to mechanic, and tow it there, not drive. You are risking your entire engine every second it is on.

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