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No start in 1995 Avalon

11-12-2006, 09:21 PM
I recently acquired a used 1995 XLS with a bad engine. Engine was locked up and there were some electrical problems too such as dashboard lights not coming on when ignition key is turned and OEM radio not functioning.
I replaced the engine with a 97 XLS which was runing superb and the same electrical problems are still there even after changing the engine & trans together.

When I turn the key , all that I get is some starter noise trying to Crank the engine but engine does not turn over even though starter works. I have checked all fuses and relays to the best of my ability and have even gone to the extent of transfering the dashboard of the 97 to the 95 shell. I also took a whole load of cables from the 97 to replace the ones on the 95. The cables replaced are the engine wire harness from the back of the glove compartment box to the engine bay and others.

Yet still no start. Headlights comes on and open door or door ajar light comes on but no check engine light, no oil pressure light, no seatbelt light when key is turned to ACC and start position. I have also changed the radio and I still dont get any power to all that therefore no start.
Can someone tell me where else to look as I have already checked all fuses and relays in engine bay and under dashboard and everything seems to work.
Just where else can I look to get power to radio as well as dashboard to get my car to start.
Starter is perfect, spark plugs are fine, fuel pump is working good. Every help will be greatly appreciated. Finally air gag light stays on so I have unplug it from the computer located in between driver and passenger front seats under the console to prevent my battery from dying.
Fellas pleas help.

11-18-2006, 12:14 AM
Do you gave a wiring diagram?

11-18-2006, 07:39 AM
Do you gave a wiring diagram?

No I didn't give any wiring diagram but I can get one from the local library..How will that help and will you be able to tell me which areas to look for on the wiring diagram if I get one. Do you have a private email address where we can communicate on this particular issue ? mine is

Thanks for your help.

11-19-2006, 12:05 AM
First things first, I just fixed my sons grand am (front end crash) and after a few good test drives the drivers airbag deployed while he was driving the car. (very lucky, no accident) so I have been reading up on airbag systems. You said, that your airbag light came on and that you unpluged it. Please do yourself a huge favor. Since you are having electrical problems, find the fuse for your airbag system (SIR OR SRS) and PULL IT !!! leave it out until you get your electrical problem solved. (all airbag plugs are Yellow) I hope that that's not what you "unpluged" Airbags can deploy up to a half an hour after the battery is disconected. and if that happens. you will pay a whole lot of money for a new one, not to mention that they deploy at about 180 mph in a milla-second, which could seriously hurt you if you were inside the car working.

The second thing is, I too have a Toyota Avalon with a bad motor (1996) Where did you find a motor and about how much did you have to pay ???


11-19-2006, 04:23 AM
Make yourself a couple of enlarged copies of the wiring diagram and get out the highlighters. Highlight the affected circuits. You are looking for common places where the wiring harness may have been damaged. Use a test light or meter to determine if the circuits are getting power. A friends Celica had a major electrical failure, a burnt plug on the back of the fuse panel. Took me just a few minutes to locate the point of failure after looking at the wiring diagram and guessing where the different circuits traveled in the wiring harness together.
Make sure the ground connections are clean and secure.

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