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How do I take out the back seat?

11-09-2006, 09:50 PM
How do I take the back seat out of my cobalt? I need to take it out to get my subs and box in. I ordered it because the customer service rep told me that it would fit in my car, and it wont. The only option I have left is to take out the back seat and then slide it in. Does anyone know where the bolts are and how you take it out??

11-14-2006, 04:47 PM
Hey man, my friend has a 2005 Cobalt LS and me and him took out the back seats on his car just because.

First step: You have to go into the trunk and take out the cpare tire carpet cover.

Second Step: Put the backs of the seats down as if you were goin to put a large box back there. (Which you cannot fit through the tiny entrance) But just imagine.

Third Step: With the carpet out of the back and with the seats down, you can pull back the cushioning of the seat to get a rachet wrench back there. (Don't pull it back too far or you'll rip the fabric) but pull it back just enough to uncover the bolt and to get a clear entrance to the bolt. With the right socket, you can start to take out the bolts.

Later on you'll see that the bolt is not retracting from the body. You'll see that there is some kind of retaining washer that is holding you back. If you want to work around that problem you can cut the aluminum washer with just simple wire cutters and then when you want to put them back just go to home depot or some kind of hardware store and buy the same kind of washer things. Should be ike 3-5 bucks. No biggy.

When you have the bolt out. (I think there's 3. Left, Middle, Right. If not then it's just the left and right. Moving on, There are 2 "Slide-In" clips on the front side of it where you were to put your feet if sitting there normally. Slide them backwards toward the trunk and then your back seats are gone.

Also, I don't remember but i think that the bottom seat cushion comes out but since we did this beginning of summer, I don't remember if it does or not. If you don't feel it coming off then dont try.

Another important thing to watch for is the wireing harness that goes to the rear battery in the trunk. you'll have to disconnect to get the whole seat out.

tell me how it goes man later

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