Wiring a Tracker for towing

11-04-2006, 04:05 PM
I purchased a wiring kit for my 2003 2dr 4x4 Tracker ZR2 2.0L automatic.

The instructions state that the 6-pin wiring connector that I plug the kit into is just forward of the jack compartment in the left rear of the vehicle. I am to supposedly remove the jack and locate the wire bundle going to the tail lights. No problem there.

However, I can see no connector since everything is packed so tightly and I can see no reasonable way to 1) find out if the conector even exists and 2) access the area ahead of the jack compartment to work on it.

An adjustable multi-directional mirror has been no help in locating the connector. It appears that I would need to take a giant can-opener to either the back fender area or to the plastic lining which constitutes the inside of the vehicle.

Does anyone have experience with this who could explain how to solve this?

03-06-2007, 08:08 AM
I have the 4dr version of your tracker but maybe this will help. To remove that panel youll need to pull the threshold trim from the doors on either end of that panel and then it should come out easily with a good tug. Youll have to work it from the rear to the front and have your door open since it overlaps a bit on the front. On mine I just cut off the connector and installed a six way barrier strip near the jack compartment. It makes servicing easier that way. Hope that helps you.

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