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Factory alarm upgradeable?

10-29-2006, 10:34 PM
Does anyone know if there has been discussion on upgrading the factory alarm? I want to add a proximity sensor to trigger when movement occurs inside the vehicle... Yes, I have a soft top and fear the "zipper entry". I have been in the auto audio and security industry for many years.... installed for over 12. The factory alarm is nice... all it needs is a little boost.

I can tap into the hood pin for the trigger... which is simple enough but I want to see the wiring diagram to see just how far I can take the stock alarm. I have installed many $2000 or more fully loaded, GPS tracking alarm systems... if a theif wants your car they'll jack you or tow it off... so spending stupid amounts of money is not what I am willing to do... I just the truck to make a little noise if some one violates my space!

All I have in mind is adding the prox sensor and maybe a glass break sensor or shock sensor.... additional LEDs to make the factory system appear to be an after market system.... (I usually put LEDs in each front door next to the door knob or in the front pillars which are super obvious to anyone looking into the vehicle. I will also add 2 LEDs in the soft top area so anyone who is thinking about unzipping the top sees the LEDs first) Oh, and I need to add a fog horn... the horn on the Amigo/Rodeo sport screams "I'm a weenie"! I was actually thinking of installing a horn off a ford truck to "upgrade" the horn-ability of the Rodeo!

Anyway, if anyone has info on the stock alarm system I would appreciate it. Thanks all!


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