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wheel swap

10-21-2006, 02:57 PM
what other types of cars have the same wheel bolt pattern (5x100) as my 2001 neon?

10-23-2006, 08:01 AM
The below have the same bolt pattern but the offset may differ...

ok here is a list of the 5 lug cars that have the same bolt pattern as the Neons. There may be a few odd balls from each year that don't fit but for the most part where I have checked it is correct. Haven't got a hold of each car myself to measure .. only about 3/4 of the list I have actually measured myself .

Editor's Note: Note that while the bolt patterns may be correct, the offset and center bore may be wrong so the wheels still may not fit. In particular, newer Subarus and Volkswagens tend to run much higher offsets than Neons, and those wheels will probably not work without spacers.

5x100 list

1996-79 Skylark, Apollo
1990-81 Skyhawk
1990-80 Century (Some 114.3 mm)
1989-85 Somerset, Regal , Skylark

1988-81 Cimarron

1996-87 Beretta, Corsica
1999-81 Cavalier
1991-82 Celebrity (Some 114.3 mm)
1985-79 Citation

1999-95 Cirrus, Sebring
1995-86 Le Baron, New Yorker
1995-85 Le Baron Coupe, Sedan
1986-85 Laser
2003-01 PT Cruiser

1999-95 Neon, Stratus
1994-89 Spirit
1994-88 Dynasty
1994-87 Shadow
1992 & 88-86 Caravan
1993-85 Daytona
1989-86 Aries, Aries America
1988-86 400 "K", 600
1989-85 Lancer

1996-92 Achieva
1992-85 Cutlass Calais
1990-82 Cutlass Ciera (Some 114.3)
1988-81 Firenza
1985-79 Omega

1999-95 Breeze, Neon
1997-86 Voyager
1994-89 Acclaim
1994-84 Sundance
1988-85 Caravelle
1989-86 Reliant, Reliant America

1998-85 Grand Am
1999-81 J-2000, Sunbird, Sunfire
1990-82 A-6000 (Some 114.3 mm)
1988-84 Fiero
1985-79 Phoenix, Ventura

1999-94 Impreza
1996-90 Legacy

1992-83 Camry

1997-93 Corrado, Golf, Jetta, Passat

10-23-2006, 11:02 AM
Most of the vehicles on the list (non DCX) have different hub diameters don't they?
Since the weight is supposed to ride on the hub (hub-centric) on Neons, wouldn't this cause a problem with centering, strain on the hub and possible lug failure. I had a '88 Dodge Shadow that I decided to put Toyota wheels on. They had the same pattern but the center hub hole was bigger. I thought it would work OK but the lug bolts started breaking and after replacing two on the drivers side and one on the passenger side, I put the oems back on and didn't have any more trouble.

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