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10-13-2006, 08:17 AM
Tom Clancy wrote many novels of adventure and war. His main popularity was found in the techno-thriller genre.

Tom Clancy was born on April 12, 1947 in Franklin Square Hospital. Located in Baltimore, Maryland. Tom attended Loyola Blakefield in Maryland, and graduated with the class of 1969. He then married a lady named Wanda Thomas, an insurance agent in Maryland.

Clancy had poor eyesight and which kept him out of the military, he kept an interest and researched many different parts of both military technology and armed forces strategies. Many novels around this time were produced due to his research in 1970.

Clancys books have been given many types of labels like, thrillers and science fiction. Clancy claims he was not the creator of the new genre “techno-thriller”, even though he is mostly identified with it.

His characters were created from the upper government along with several different branches of the military. Clancy had great interest in patriotism and political ideas, which along the way helped him in his writing.

Today Clancy has made a great impact on todays readers. An impact even that, if you were a beginner reader, you were be instantly interested in his books. He now creates video games based on his novels and has made a great success ever since. He started Red Storm Entertainment in November 1996 in which to create this multiple media frenzy Clancy still lives today and continues to amaze us with his intelligence in war and writing.

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this was a report for english hahahaha

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