Speedometer / Gauges

10-07-2006, 01:04 AM
My girlfriend has a 1999 Miata that she's had for some time now. (I'm frankly jealous.) I was driving it tonight and noted that the speedometer is annoying, and she agreed with me and wondered how to fix it.

You see, the speedometer is set up in such a way that the tick marks make almost no sense. When you're going 40, the next tick up is 42.5, then 45, then 47.5, then 50. Why have three ticks between each 10mph and numbers only every 20? It makes me think they set it up like that for styling. The speedometer would be much more useful if it had half the tick marks (only every 5). What would be even better (but I'm asking too much) is a speedometer that didn't go any higher than the top speed of the car. Why should it read to 140 unless it's modified? Sure, I've had this car up to 110, and I love racing and speed more than just about anybody I know, but I see no point in a stock speedometer that goes up to 140. Get rally gauges if you need that kind of range. You will have already spent money on the motor to get it there.

I hear the 2001 Miata has white gauges with red writing. Do these overcome any of annoyances? If so, will they swap in?


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