Premium Memberships Info

10-06-2006, 11:03 AM
We allow special memberships to members, one of which is Premium.

Premium membership allows you to view the forums without a single advertisement. These advertisments show up on every page and at times in between postings.

The benefits include

Ability to see the forums ad free.
Can use custom title.
Special color stars.
Ability to see deletion comments.
Ability to store more private messages.
Increase in the number of users you can send private messages to at one time.
Ability to post/edit your own calendar event.
Ability to view who's online.
Can upload profile picture.
Can upload animated profile picture.
Can upload animated avatar.
Increase in the avatar size.
To sign up, simply go to your User Control panel (located on the Blue bar).

and under the Miscellaneous section to left of the page, click on Paid Subscriptions.

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