1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Paint

10-05-2006, 01:42 PM
I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 4X4 1500 pickup.
It's 2 tone Green Metalic and Pearl Grey.
The paint on the clearcoat on the hood is popping off in a few places and I am asking if I can just buy some clearcoat and sand off the bad clearcoat and shoot the new clearcoat over the green?
The green is cherry and the hood is all green except for the bottom which is grey and separated by some stripes so color matching won't be a problem.
Any ideas on what kind of clearcoat I should buy and if I need to sand off all of the existing clearcoat?

10-06-2006, 12:56 AM
As far as I know There is only one type of clear coat. In canada we get it at Rondex, but any auto paint store should do. If you sand, use a 320 wet and dry sand paper and just sand what you have to lightly. When you spray the clear coat let it dry for at least a week before polishing to take off any over spray. Good luck

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