Help Needed

10-05-2006, 03:04 AM
Hello all,
I am a student of architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture.
My recent project involves a design of an Aston Martin dealership in Los Angeles.
Aston Martin is a new brand to me and I do not know much about its market but would like to have a few questions answered.

1. How many Aston Martin vehicles have been sold this year in Los Angeles? the US?
2. What is the age group in the Aston Martin community?
3. What is the most popular Aston Martin model?
4. If money is no object, would you pick the Aston Martin? or go for something more exotic?
5. Do most people purchase what the dealer carries? or do they customize one and have it deliveried oversea?

I would like to say thanks for anyone reading this and taking the time to help me out. :)

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