Small problem with a 99 Cavalier Z 24

09-28-2006, 10:45 PM
I have a small little problem that now has gotten really big. First off I have a 99 Cavalier Z 24.

* My problem starts as soon as I turn the car on, sometimes it starts great and other times it drags and still yet there are time when it just does not want to start. - I replaced the battery and connectors, but still no change.

* Also as soon as it does start, it starts to act like a misfire. - Replace plugs and wires, but still no change.

* After a about 30 seconds of the misfire, it acts and sounds like the engine is being starved of something. - Replace both O2 senors, fuel filter, use higher grade fuel, use fuel booster and cleaners, but still no change.

* It feels like it is going to stall and has a few times. Once that car gets to about 40/45 mph, it stops. It is only when it is at a stop or just starting. It is also worst when the a/c is running.

This is getting worst and I am at a total lose on what to try next. The closet GM dealership is a good 2 hour drive away and the local mechanic says "Nothing I can do, just buy a new one."

Any suggests that I can try will be must appericated.

09-29-2006, 02:17 AM
....there are no spark plug wires for the 2.4 :screwy: How is your power? Maybe it's your alternator?

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