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Any words of wisdom? changing ac compressor 94 roadmaster

09-27-2006, 04:17 PM
Does anyone have any tips or comments on changing the ac compressor 1994 roadmaster wagon? It is locked up. Is there an "Easy" way?

09-27-2006, 10:43 PM
I've heard they are a pain in the ass to replace. I'm going to have to do mine next spring as I noticed a couple of weeks ago while replacing my starter and changing the oil that the compressor appeared to have split in two. There was a big tear going down the side like it had blown apart.(Guess that explains why I lost my a/c a week after having it recharged this past summer.) A fellow mechanic friend also has a '95 like mine and he needed to replace his earlier this year. He does practically 99% of his own work on his vehicles, but when he saw the amount of work it entailed to replace the compressor, he took it to another friend who owns a shop. This guy quoted him $150 to replace it, he already had bought the part, so it was just labor. After he got the car back he told me the mechanic said he way underestimated the time and effort to R&R the a/c compressor. He didn't charge him any more because he wanted to stick with his original quote, and told my friend he got a deal on the job. This makes me apprehensive about having mine done next year, but after seeing how mine performed during the summer , albeit a week, it was great.

10-06-2006, 07:30 PM
If you have any freon in the unit ask a shop to vacuum it out for the freon.
With shop time running around $50 to $80 per hour it adds up quick. Where goggles when disconnecting the lines. I would install a new filter dryer and expansion valve. After it is installed you have to vacuum it down and recharge it. If it uses freon you can't buy it without a license. I noticed three different years you probably need r134. A parts store will have replacements for freon and r134. You will need a belt tool to remove the belt a 3/8 inch socket set and open end wrenchs. I think you will need jack stands and probably a day to do it. Watch removing brackets and lay it in line as you remove it.

10-07-2006, 01:07 PM
Manlion's RM more than likely uses R-134a as he says it's a '94. The changeover years were 1992-93. There should be a sticker under the hood , or on one of the a/c components with the type of refrigerant the vehicle uses.

10-07-2006, 01:20 PM
Your correct on the refrigerant I was looking at a 1991 and got years mixed up. He should do the job this fall as it is needed for the defroster and the longer it is open the more moisture gets into the system which can cause a lot more problems.

12-26-2006, 09:10 AM
I wrote this a while back:

Applies to a 96 Roadmaster.

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