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2001 Pontiac Grand AM ABS Light, Service Vehicle Soon Light and Trac Control OFF

09-24-2006, 04:59 PM
Ok, so I bought my 01 Grand Am V6 back in 04 and have had nothing but problems. I used to be car retarded- but I am a grirl who hates spending money to have other people do work for me... so in the last few months I have learner to do simple thing like changing my oil, replacing the fuel filter, air filter, front and rear brakes,flushing out the coolant, changing my serpintine belt.... all to balance out the cost of a new fuel pump plus several starting problems.. and having the mechanics out here in california try to charge me outrageous amounts of money for parts I dont really need. I consider myself slightly less car retarded now:rolleyes:

Right now I'm having a problem with my ABS light, trac control off light and service vechicle soon light coming on. I took the car to a mechanic in the area and they said that I needed a new abs speed sensor which would be $500 for the part alone. Well I did a little research into the problem seeing as I didnt really want to pay $500 plus labor and ended up looking at the wiring for the sensor. In the front of my car if you take off the whell and look behing the brakes and rotor you can see the ABS speed sensor wiring that goes to the wheel. There are two ends that fasten together... one goes to wiring up in to the car.. and the other goes into what I think is the front wheel bearing (im going to say thingamabobber here cuz ii dont know what its really called) .Well I cleaned off the ends that meet on the drivers side wires then fastened them back together, then went over and found that the end that is supposed to be fastened the wheel bearing thinggy on the passenger side is just completely missing... it most have broke off, the remaining wires looked really crappy. So I went to the auto parts store and bought a new connecter to splice into the wires, but when I got home I took a closer look and saw that the wire snapped off right up against the metal part it feeds through.

Any suggestions on how to get into the wheel bearing part...again im not sure if thats really what its called.. and how to repair the wiring to get my ABS and trac control working again??



09-24-2006, 05:39 PM
you cant take it apart :grinno:
Youre probly going to hav to replace the bad sensor.
It is rare that the plug would break onits own......:confused:

Tho that part price was very very high, they do run about $200.
I was thinking someone here on AF could get them to you cheaper....
!! YA !
richtazz can get you a better price,
check over on the Grand Prix forum and PM him :thumbsup:

ANd Welcome to AF !

trans am sam
10-05-2006, 08:10 AM
I just replaced my "wheel hub bearing/sensor". It's quite difficult to remove. very stubborn bolts on the caliper mounting bracket.
I bought a used one on ebay for 75 bucks. haven't had a problem since.
You do have to replace the whole unit though.

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